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By accessing and utilizing our Google Ads service, you accept and agree to abide by the terms and provisions of this agreement presented by Hello Portal.

General Terms

These terms and conditions apply to all services provided by Hello Portal (ABN 94 661 256 275). By engaging with Hello Portal for their services, clients agree to these terms and conditions. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without prior notice and may be updated. Hello Portal reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions via notice on our website, email, or any other communication method.


1.1. The Agreement, as modified from time to time, applies to all services provided by Hello Portal to the Client, inclusive of any non-excludable conditions and warranties expressed by law. This constitutes the complete agreement between the parties.

1.2. “Agreement” refers to these general terms and conditions.

1.3. “Client” pertains to the individual and/or business described as the client in this Agreement.

1.4. “Company” refers to Hello Portal (ABN 94 661 256 275).

1.5. “Business Day” denotes any day that is not a Saturday, Sunday, or public holiday in Australia.

1.6. “Fees” encompass the Price along with any Additional Charges incurred by the Client in relation to this Agreement and the Services.

1.7. “Website” denotes the website designed, built, and hosted as per this Agreement.

1.8. “Campaign Scope” refers to the document titled either “Scope” or “Proposal,” supplied by Hello Portal to the Client, detailing the Services, Price, and Term of the campaign.

1.9. “Intellectual Property” encompasses the intellectual property linked to the Services, including copyright, patents, trademarks, design rights, and domain names, whether registrable or not and whether registered or not.

1.10. “Confidential Information” includes all information provided by one party to the other regarding this Agreement, identified as confidential or reasonably considered to be so based on context, nature, or manner of disclosure. This excludes information in the public domain or independently developed by a third party.

1.11. Without limiting the above, Confidential Information includes the terms of this Agreement and the contents of the Scope or Proposal.

1.12. “Price” denotes the fees outlined in the Agreement.

1.13. “You” and “Your” refer to the Client named in the Agreement.

1.14. “Our,” “Us,” “Hello Portal,” and “We” refer to the “Company” Hello Portal (ABN 94 661 256 275).

Term Duration and Termination

The Client agrees that this agreement remains valid for the “term” from the date of initiation. Once the “term” expires, the campaign continues unless the client provides Hello Portal with a written notice of 30 days. If the Client terminates the Company‚Äôs services within the “term” from the date of this agreement, the Client must provide a written notice of 30 days and agrees to be liable for and pay the Monthly Fee for the remaining balance of the “term”.

Client Responsibilities and Agreement Termination by Hello Portal

The Client commits to providing feedback within the timeframe specified in the timeline provided by Hello Portal to prevent delays. Hello Portal reserves the right to terminate the agreement under the following circumstances:

3.1. The Client does not respond to email or telephone requests within ten (10) working days.

3.2. The Client’s instructions deviate from this agreement, or the Client refuses to pay any additional fees required for extra work.

3.3. The Client fails to provide content or any requested additional information within the stated deadlines.

3.4. The Client has more than one outstanding invoice in the balance.

In the event of any of the aforementioned occurrences, Hello Portal may terminate the agreement in writing. Should the Company proceed with termination, the Client is responsible for fulfilling the remaining balance in the Agreement.

Indemnification and Confidentiality

The Client acknowledges that Hello Portal does not guarantee any increase in traffic, sales, business activity, or profits from its services. The Client shall indemnify Hello Portal for any damages or losses arising from or due to the provision of the Services.

The Client agrees to handle all personal data on the Website in accordance with Australian laws and regulations, including:

6.1. Collecting adequate personal data by lawful and fair means for lawful purposes related to the Website’s functions or activities.

6.2. Ensuring accuracy and erasure of unnecessary personal data.

6.3. Using collected personal data only for specified purposes or with express consent.

6.4. Protecting personal data against unauthorized access or use.

6.5. Informing individuals about the types and purposes of collected personal data and allowing access and correction requests.

Payment Terms and Refund Policy

The Monthly Fee can be made via bank transfer, cheque, or online direct debit through Hello Portal’s secure online payment portal. Upon receipt of the Client’s first payment, Hello Portal will commence providing the Services. Subsequent Monthly Fees must be settled within 7 days of receiving ongoing invoices. Hello Portal reserves the right to apply a late-payment charge of 5% per month on any outstanding balances of the Monthly Fee(s).

No refunds are available once payment for services is processed by the Client unless otherwise agreed upon by Hello Portal. Additionally, credit is not transferable unless explicitly agreed upon by Hello Portal.

Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

Any agreement to engage Hello Portal’s services is made in accordance with Australian laws and regulations. The Services are considered under the jurisdiction of the State of Victoria, Australia. In case of a dispute between Hello Portal and the Client, both parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the State of Victoria, Australia.


During the provision of Hello Portal’s services and within 12 months of ceasing those services, the Client agrees not to offer employment to Hello Portal’s current or past staff. This includes attempting to employ any person who is or was one of Hello Portal’s employees engaged in providing the Services.

Revision Limits and Delays

The Client acknowledges a maximum of 2 rounds of revisions for all services provided by Hello Portal. Any additional revisions past 2 rounds will incur an additional fee, which will be quoted by Hello Portal and confirmed by the Client before proceeding with further revisions. Each round of revisions will result in delays in pushing the respective service(s) live due to the nature of service provision.

Defamatory Statements and Social Media Conduct

The Client must refrain from making any defamatory or disparaging statements to any third party, including on social media or the internet, in relation to Hello Portal or any company personnel unless required to comply with the law.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Hello Portal provides SEO services to improve the website’s ranking and visibility within search engines. The Client acknowledges the following:

– Hello Portal will attempt to improve website rankings based on agreed Key Phrases.

– Delays not attributable to Hello Portal won’t warrant refunds or compensation.

– The Client must provide correct access logins within a month of the Agreement.

– The Client warrants that Key Phrases and website content comply with laws and don’t infringe on others’ intellectual property rights.

Should Hello Portal notify the Client of an intellectual property claim related to the website’s content, the Client agrees to indemnify and defend such claims at their expense.

The performance guarantee provided by Hello Portal may not apply if:

– Changes by other parties affect search engine rankings.

– The website is offline for reasons beyond Hello Portal’s control.

In the event Hello Portal fails to meet agreed guarantees without fault from the Client, they will work for free for a maximum of 90 days post-contract completion.

Paid Media: Pay-Per-Click (PPC) & Paid Social

Hello Portal offers PPC, digital advertising, and paid social media services. The Client agrees to provide necessary accesses and warrants rights to use provided assets for advertising purposes.

The Client acknowledges that advertising outcomes are not guaranteed and that Hello Portal won’t accept liability for any lack of results. Service fees for managing ads will follow stipulations outlined in the service agreement or, if not specified, will follow a percentage structure based on monthly click spend.

The Client must approve ad variations within agreed-upon rounds of revisions. Any additional revisions may incur extra fees subject to Client approval.

Social Media Advertising

Hello Portal offers Social Media Advertising services to improve campaign performance on agreed channels. The Client agrees to provide channel page log-in details and copy suggestions for ad creation. The Client acknowledges Hello Portal’s discretion in targeting and spending on these platforms.

The agreed ad variations will undergo standard rounds of revision. Any further revisions may incur additional fees, subject to approval by the Client.

Landing Page Design & Development

Hello Portal provides Landing Page Design & Development services, including a custom-designed landing page, minor design revisions, and copywriting up to a specified word count unless provided by the Client.

The Client agrees to provide necessary materials such as channel page log-in details, copy suggestions, images, branding files, and documents.

The completion of services is contingent upon timely approvals from the Client. Delays in approvals or communications will result in project delays.

The Company has no control over channel policies regarding acceptable content, and no liability (except as provided by law) will be accepted for damages or losses arising from service provision.