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Hello Portal

Is an umbrella company of four organisations. Each business provides a range of features that digitise different business administration and marketing processes. Overall, we’ve created a library of small business tools that empower entrepreneurs and owners by giving them access to powerful features and functionality usually reserved for corporations with large budgets.

Our Tools To Your Success

Wave Cards

Digital business card management for entrepreneurs and large companies. Streamlined QR code generation and management.

Q1 Box

Streamlined QR code generation and management.

Calendar Wise

Automated calendar appointment scheduling for busy executives with packed diaries.


Sophisticated email signature creation and management software.

The Digital Business Card Platform

Wave Cards is a digital business cards platform designed for entrepreneurs, sales teams, and entire companies to use. With a range of packages available, Wave Cards fuses physical and digital business cards, provides in-depth tracking and reporting functionality, and is a cost-effective option for any company.

Q1 Box enables marketing teams to leverage the power of QR codes while offering extensive customisation and analytics facilities. Now, marketers can track the performance of previously unmeasurable marketing collateral, update link destinations, and much more.

Arranging meetings is one of the most time-draining admin activities. With Calendar Wise automated calendar appointment scheduling software, users can customise their schedule and post their availability on their website, allowing anyone to schedule a meeting, demonstration, or consultation.

The Email Signature Creator & Manager

Email signatures are difficult to design and time-consuming to change, particularly if you have many employees across numerous departments. Stampify email signature software conquers this challenge by empowering businesses to make global email signature updates and push them live without interrupting anyone’s work day.

About Us & Our Values

Local Support

We’re an Australian business providing our customers with local support.

No matter what, we’re on hand to ensure users get the most from our systems.

No Compromise

We provide premium quality digital business tools at affordable rates.

No one should have to compromise on quality because of their budget.

Championing Small Businesses

Like our customers, we’re entrepreneurs.

We’ve made it our mission to create the tools we wish we had access to when we started.

Security & Trust

We prioritise the security of customer data and privacy.

This approach enables us to build a trusting relationship with all our users.

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