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Craft Perfect Email Signatures with Stampify

Elevate your brand with striking email signatures. Utilise our efficient email signature templates designed for optimal engagement.

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Experience Stampify:

Hassle-Free Email Signature Solutions

Full Autonomy

Craft your signature your way. Use our flexible templates, or start from scratch. You decide the text, font, colours, branding, and more.

Effortless Universal Updates

Refresh and unify your entire team’s email signatures with a single click.

Automatic Client Updates

Bid manual adjustments goodbye. Integrate easily and push signature updates to your preferred email client.

Engaging Styles

Transform your email signature into an engagement powerhouse. Add CTAs, links, banners, videos, and more.

Over 10 Diverse Email Signature Designs

Discover the ideal signature for your role and industry. Designed and fine-tuned by email marketing specialists.

The Power of Professional Email Signatures

50% of B2B leads stem from email marketing.
0 %
Email marketing engages 74% more than social media.
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66% of influencers prioritise email for communication.
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Professional email signatures boost leads by 60%.
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Tailor Your Signature with Stampify:

Personal Email Signature

For individual entrepreneurs aiming to bolster their brand’s impression. Design a signature that grabs attention. It’s quick, requires no design or coding, and you’re ready to impress.

Business Email Signature

Effortlessly design and regulate email signatures across your company. Stampify is the go-to for SMEs for hassle-free signature management.

Why Choose Stampify?

Expert Designs

Engaging, business-centric designs.


Easy for all, regardless of tech-savviness.


Get top-tier features without breaking the bank.

Responsive Support

We’re here to help anytime.

Discover Stampify

Uplift your brand’s professionalism with Stampify.

Frequently Asked Questions

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About Us

Our goal? The best email signature tool – feature-rich and backed by a dedicated team. That’s how Stampify emerged.

Championing Small Businesses

We’re entrepreneurs like you. We’ve created Stampify with SMEs in mind, equipping them with tools typically limited to high-end systems.

Inclusivity is Key

Tech isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Stampify simplifies email signatures. And if you’re stuck, our experts have got your back.

Rely On Stampify

Proudly Australian, we’re honoured to be trusted by global companies. Our commitment? Simplicity, security, and exceptional service.

Case Studies

Marketing Agency Boosts Client Responses

A digital marketing agency integrated Stampify’s email signature solutions for its team. The enhanced signatures, complete with CTAs and brand banners, saw a 20% increase in client responses and higher click-through rates to their services page.

Freelance Writer Lands More Projects

A freelance content writer revamped her email signature using Stampify’s personal signature template. The new, professional look reinforced her brand and led to a 30% increase in inquiries for her writing services.

Tech Startup Enhances Brand Cohesiveness

A tech startup with a dispersed team utilised Stampify’s business signature option to unify the email signatures of all team members. The consistent brand presentation across different departments bolstered their professional image and streamlined communications.

Law Firm Elevates Client Communications

A mid-sized law firm adopted Stampify for its team, integrating the company logo, links to recent case studies, and a banner promoting free consultations. The result? A 25% surge in consultation bookings and higher client engagement.

eCommerce Store Boosts Sales with Signature CTAs

An eCommerce store used Stampify’s templates to add special offer banners to their email signatures. These engaging styles acted as an additional marketing channel, resulting in a 15% boost in sales from email correspondence.

Non-Profit Gains More Volunteers

A non-profit organisation embraced Stampify to craft signatures with embedded videos about their recent outreach programs. This initiative led to a significant uptick in volunteers and donations after they sent out newsletters with the revamped signatures.

Consulting Firm Enhances Outreach

A consulting firm often contacting potential clients via email decided to leverage Stampify’s expert designs. By incorporating CTAs into their workshops and webinars in the signature, they noticed a 40% increase in attendance and engagement.

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