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Generate QR Codes Instantly

Avoid the wait or complex steps. Input your desired link, customise it as needed, and your QR code is instantly ready.

Beyond Just QR Code Creation


Every team member can quickly craft tailored QR codes.


Automatically refresh old QR code destinations.


Access detailed analytics on QR code efficiency.


Streamline management of numerous QR codes within your business.

Brand Your QR Code

Infuse your QR codes with your brand’s identity. Incorporate logos, select colours, pick shapes, and more.




QR for Every Need with Q1 Box

Beyond mere URL generation. Craft QRs for text messages, emails, app downloads, PDFs, and a wide variety of content.




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Custom Domain Integration

Personalise your QR code’s landing URL for a branded scanning experience.

Unified QR Code Management

Lost in a sea of QR codes? Q1 Box centralises your QR management, enabling multiple teammates to generate, monitor, or refresh QR codes from a single platform.

Immediate Marketing Revolution

Empower real-time adjustments to your marketing assets. Seamlessly engage with consumers by providing up-to-date brand information.

1️⃣ Refresh the QR code’s linked content.
2️⃣ Push the update.
3️⃣ Scan the QR to access updated information.

Elevate Customer Experience

Infuse your QR codes with your brand’s identity. Incorporate logos, select colours, pick shapes, and more.

Your Progress, Our Passion

We’re committed to offering potent, affordable tools. Every feature aims to enhance the efficiency and outreach of small to mid-sized businesses.

Cut Costs, Boost Engagement

Still draining funds on constant reprints? It’s time to embrace digital. Infuse QR codes onto business cards, posters, or packages. Save costs while maximising user engagement.

Lead Capture & Sales Boost

Q1 Box’s QR generator amplifies content sharing, fosters brand recognition, heightens engagement, and drives sales.

Revitalise Your Marketing Approach

QR codes seamlessly connect print to digital. Contrary to the belief that print is obsolete, QR codes rejuvenate printed materials by linking users to additional digital content.

Reinvigorate your marketing endeavors with Q1 Box.

Amplify Both Digital and print Outreach.

Utilise Q1 Box to enhance online campaigns or supplement printed assets, guiding users on a strategic journey.

Case Studies

Restaurant Chain Embraces Digital Menus

A leading restaurant chain adopted Q1 Box to transition to digital menus. By placing QR codes on tables, patrons could swiftly scan and view the menu on their devices. The result? A 35% reduction in printing costs and an enriched dining experience with real-time menu updates.

City Library Boosts Membership

The city library used Q1 Box to generate QRs linking to online book previews, reviews, and author interviews. Library visits increased by 20% as visitors found value in the enhanced book selection process.

Real Estate's Virtual Tours

A property agency integrated QR codes on their signage, providing immediate access to virtual house tours. Prospects could instantly view properties without scheduling visits, leading to a 45% increase in inquiries.

Retail Outlets Drive Sales with Discounts

A fashion retail chain implemented QR codes in their window displays. Scanning the code provided exclusive discounts and product details. This strategy led to a 30% surge in foot traffic and sales.

Gyms Offer Quick Class Schedules

A local gym utilised Q1 Box to generate QR codes linked to their weekly class schedules and tutorial videos. Members could instantly access the latest class timings and prep videos, enhancing their workout experience and increasing retention.

Photographers Go Digital with Portfolios

A photographer printed QR codes on business cards, linking to their digital portfolio. Potential clients could instantly view their work, leading to a 50% increase in bookings.

Consulting Firms Share Whitepapers

A business consulting firm used QR codes at seminars and conferences. Scanning the code provided instant access to their latest research and whitepapers. Attendees appreciated the ease of fostering better professional relationships and follow-ups.

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