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Wave Cards – The Modern NFC Digital Business Cards

Scrap traditional business cards and go digital. With a simple tap of a Wave Card, you can share your contact details, marketing collateral, social media accounts, or a tailored landing page.

The Benefits of Digital Business Cards

Better ROI

A one-off cost means you don’t need to constantly keep printing new business cards when contact details change or after a rebrand.


Easily update contact details or transfer a Wave Card from one person to another, meaning cards last the lifetime of your business.


Get real-time analytics data, showing you how successful your NFC digital business cards and marketing collateral are.


Stand out in a room full of paper business cards. Instead of being at the bottom of a pile, you’ll be in their contacts list.


Never be caught short without any business cards. Either tap your card or open the app to share your contact details.


Customise the design of your digital business card using a selection of materials and colours. You can even add your branding.

iOS & Android Compatibility

With iOS and Android apps, managing your digital business cards has never been easier. Simply install the Wave Cards app on all your employees’ phones, log in, and their new business card will be waiting for them.

Centralised Business Portal

Take control of every business card within your company from one central hub. Quickly update contact details, job titles, marketing collateral, and links, ensuring your sales reps have the latest details and can convert more leads into customers.

One Card for Life

These NFC digital business cards are a one-off cost, making them the best marketing investment you’ll ever make. Got a promotion, hired someone new, rebranded, or updated your phone number? No problem. Simply make edits in-app or in the central portal, and your cards update instantly.

Simplified Lead Capture & Sales Cycle

Wave Cards integrate with your CRM system, empowering you to capture leads on your phone and instantly add them to your lead database. This allows you to see how many leads you capture with Wave Cards while streamlining the sales cycle and enabling you to automate follow-up contact.

Companies Already Using Wave Cards

About Wave Cards

Wave Cards is part of the Hello Portal Group. Based in Australia, the team pride ourselves on providing exceptional and affordable solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. Like you, we’re entrepreneurs and seeing you succeed is our mission. So, once you’ve ordered your personalised Wave NFC digital business cards, you instantly become one of the family.

You can rely on us for on-hand support, superior customer service, and app enhancements that improve your marketing efforts.

Business Cards That Build Relationships

Wave Cards are a talking point, a conversation starter, and a memorable experience. Instantly make your sales reps and company stand out, break the ice, and start setting the foundations for a positive relationship with everyone you meet.

One Card for Life

A selection of premium and robust materials allow Wave Card holders to personalise their NFC digital business cards and ensure they only need one card for life. Choose from plastic, metal, bamboo, and carbon fibre, all materials which can be customised with your branding and unique messaging.


Lightweight and cost-effective, plastic NFC business cards offer a durable and portable solution.

With their flexibility and robustness, they can withstand daily handling. The NFC chips embedded in plastic cards are well-protected, ensuring seamless communication and secure data transmission for a memorable, contact-free exchange.


Luxurious and resilient, metal digital business cards exude a professional image.

Metal’s high endurance keeps the card’s integrity intact over time. Although more challenging to work with, the metal surface provides shielding that enhances data security during NFC communication, offering a unique mix of functionality and sophistication.


Bamboo business cards combine tech innovation with ecological responsibility.

Bamboo’s natural strength guarantees card durability, while its uncommon aesthetic elevates the card’s appeal. Its compatibility with NFC technology enables secure data transfer, making it an excellent option for eco-conscious professionals seeking a sustainable business tool.

Carbon Fibre

Carbon fibre digital business cards are a perfect fusion of advanced material science and technology.

They’re lightweight, incredibly strong, and have a distinct sleek look. Carbon fibre effectively houses the NFC chip, promising data security and durability. Their contemporary aesthetic and high-tech feel make a lasting impression.

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Wave Cards is part of the Hello Portal Group. Based in Australia, the team pride ourselves on providing exceptional and affordable solutions to small and medium-sized businesses.

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